Everything  About  Image

GouaStudio is more a group of people that deals with the art of image and narration than a company typically defined. It is activated in the place of audiovisual art for more than 25 years covering a range of activities going from graphic arts to audiovisual. Its purpose is to product images and to narrate stories through them regardless of the cost and the means provided, may be because it took the supposed Chinese proverb seriously.
Founder of this league is the cinematographer Michael Bouris and around him as time passes gathered a group of partners who although or because of the differences in knowledges, opinion and aesthetic origins work together perfectly and with remarkable – most of the time- results.
The different aesthetic origins and the respect in the abilities and the knowledges of ours gives us the strength to cope with the difficulties that arise during the implementation process of projects we undertake with original and aesthetic impeccable result.
The love, the knowledge and the need for our work to be not only a solution for the essential but also a part of our personal expression make us, we believe, suitable for any “mission” that requires speed, flexibility and impeccable aesthetic result.

My eyes are transparent curtains
When I open them I see something random
When I close them I see what I desire.
An. Embirikos, Inland

A little bit of history . . .

   In 1989 two friends, students of the cinematographer school of Evgenia Chantzikou, create an informal creative team rushed by their common ethics and their similar aesthetic view. They name this team Goua, from the name of an imaginative animal, not so much for fun but mostly wanting to declare this way how they thought their place in those days artistic – at least – reality.
Since then a lot of things have changed. Friends and cooperators met and parted their paths. As the time goes by this company – although has changed many times course and views about things- never stopped creating together getting over aesthetic deviations coming of their personal course but keeping their love for the image and the light and the need to express ourselves through those.
This common course, based not so much in the equation but in the acceptance of diversity, was the reason of our shared housing in GouaStudio. The common course of the group that was created depends exclusively and  only by our will to work together and exchange views and experiences about each object of our work. That offers us the ability for each one to move freely and create his/hers independent projects but also to cooperate harmoniously with the rest preserving his individual artistic integrity.

A lot of present (We hope) . . .

Since 1989 a lot of things changed, not only in the Greek artistic world but in our personal view also. The need to describe the world, the way we experience it, in combination with our belief that the ability and the willing, if not cover, definitely finds ways to overcome   the technical difficulties that arise during the creative process.
Armed with will and experience by now, we are trying to stay loyal to our beliefs and honest to our desires. Knowing very well that society and expressive and technical means change drifting with them also the aesthetics directions of its members, we are trying to define the work we produce based not so much on the current conditions but – mostly- on our view staying true to our goal.
Creating images that “touch” and not “blandish” the reality around us firmly believing in the saying of uncle Andrew.