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November 1997- Today

One of my biggest loves was and is comics. The combination of image and text as well as the abstraction (that is a basic key structural) element of them fascinates me. It is, therefore, a natural consequence for me to deal with them as well.

Without wanting to describe myself as “creator of comics”, I use the mean to narrate some stories that I think is the only way I can present them properly.



My preoccupation with writing has resulted in a multitude of short-mainly-stories, some of which are accompanied by pictures. Having deep faith in the legacy of “Uncle” William Blake, we have proceeded to digitalize some of them.

Till now, we have “published” close to 20 stories while several others are being edited.

  • Love is

  • I

  • True moments of silence

  • It is the Sun

  • Laugh

  • Daily route

  • April 19, 2007

  • Erotic suite

  • Little erotic

  • Details

  • Condilia

  • January 25th 

  • Scream

  • Forms

  • People are strange

  • Pages of a Useless Calendar  I

  • Pages of a Useless Calendar II

  • Scenes

  • I want to drink

  • Three images