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Text: Nikos Vasiliadis
Theatrical adaptation: Emmanuella Alexiou – George Karamichos
Direction: George Karamichos
Director’s Assistant: Virginia Kiprioti
Lighting Design: Michalis Mpouris
Scenery: Cristina Kostea
Suits: Elena Papanikolaou
Music Editing: George Nanouris
Performance song: Kostas Livadas
Translation: Achilleas Kiriakidis
Direction: Elena Vogli
Director’s Assistant: Ira Rokkou
Choreography - kinisiological diligence: Marina Maurogeni
Conceiving and designing scenery and accessories: Irini Koumbarouli
Scenery Construction: Stauros Solomis
Accessories construction: George Kondominas - Giannis Skordas
Make up: Silvia Cardullo
Lighting: Michalis Mpouris
Lighting Assistant: Alexandros Theofilaktou
Graphics: Silvia Cardullo
Production manager and communication: Melachrinos Velentzas
The tax song was written by Alekos Vasillatos
Cast (alphabetical order): Giorgos Alevizakis, Mado Giannikou, Giorgos Drivas, Romanos Kalokiris, Evelina Karastathi, Irini Koumbarouli, Chrisanthi Koutroumba, Kostas Sevdalis, Zoi Fratti.
A:  Alpha. The first letter of the Greek Alphabet. In the Greek Numbering System has the value of number 1.  For AKIN the points “Alfa” are:

Seeks for subverted, deconstruction, artistic anarchy
Stands through humor and ridiculous.
Loves man and his complexity
Group uses as its base Greece, in the city of Athens. Uses the art of dancing as basic code of communication and unite each time its forces with different forms of art in order to achieve whatever believes or thinks in its mind fleeing, without negotiation.
Since 1997 A KIN has presented its plays in a number of artistic places, including the Opera House of Athens and a number of theaters in Greece and abroad. Performances of the group have been shown in Greek and Balkans platforms of dancing, while it has taken on assignments for the creations of special performances for specific places and events (Opening Ceremony 26th, 27th and 28th   Classic Marathon of Athens, Opening Ceremony of European rowing championship).
Conception – Dramaturgy - Direction: Marili Mastrantoni
Scenery – Suits:  Dimitra Liakoura
Music:   Mike Koloska (aka Sera) Germany
Movement: Despina Chatzipavlidou
Video Art: Giannis Georgiadis, Konstantinos Fragoulis
Lighting – Cameras: Michalis Bouris
Director’s Assistant: Elena Griva
Technology Consultant: Evagelos Chaviaris
Sound Engineer: Alexis Grivas
Production Coordination: Cristina Lekkaki
Production’s Assistants: Nagia Colligri, Dionisis Papadatos, Mirto Stenou
Performers: Marianna Varviani, Dionisis Cladis (Greece), Irini Andreou, Eleni Moleski, Michalis Sofokleous, (Cyprus), Francesca Ciardi, Andres Galeano, Cavana Hazelton, Nikolaus Schneider, Brina Stinehelfer (Berlin)
In video installations participate: Mohammed Awwad, Fuad Hindiyyeh, Riham Isaac & Nicola Zreineh – Performer, Hala Jaber – Musician

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