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fiction, 35mm, colour 17’, 2009
   Little Alexander lives with his father. Every day is looking forward for his mother. Besides after the Big Destruction she is the only one that connects him with the past.
-9th Skena Up International Film & Theater Festival (Kosovo)
   *Award for the best Cinematography
documentary, HD, color, 90', 2011
The reality of cinematography education in Greece has been for years now a “taboo”  caused by the lack of national cinematographer school before 2004. Theodoros Agelopoulos, Werner Herzog, Michalis Kakogiannis, Emir Kusturicha and others participate in this conversation.

fiction, HD, color, 111'2014

Plot: The movie was shot in an activist way, with volunteering participation of artist and technicians. It’s a black comedy of crisis with Media controlled by Economic Factors, the same moment that the whole country is heading to absolute economic decline. Unemployment, food meals, and homeless people are some of the characteristics that compose the frame of Modern Greek Reality. The film responds humorous: Pandemics (Joconda Syndrome), cannibalistic television, gangs that fight etc.

The film had its premiere at the “20th International Festival Cinematographer in Athens : Nights of Premiere 2014”. In Greek cinematographic Festival in London (October 2014) the film was honored with the awards bet set directory and best script, while Thedosis Pelegrinis was honored with the best actor award for his part in the movie.
documentary, SD, color,50', 1994
A tribute to Nikos Chatzikiriakos Gikas with autobiographical elements and also three interviews given of him from 1991 to 1994, where he speaks about his life and work but also about his relations with important Greek literates, artists and people of spirit, letters and arts.
documentary, SD, color,50', 1998
The TV show “Paraskinio” is dedicated to the people that work as guards on a decommissioned ship, the so-called Vatsimanides. These guards used to travel with the specific ships that now have withdrawn. During the documentary guards narrate their recollections from the various trips, describe their pleasant and miserable moments and talk about the difficulties of this specific occupation. Some express their bitterness and sorrow, when they remember how vivid and lively was the ship, while they make special reference in the numbered passengers hosted and served there. Their memories are strong and the love for the sea is strong also. Many of them would like to travel again but for short time.

commercial spot, HD, color,4:40'', 2015
commercial spot, SD, color,57'', 2015
commercial spot, HD, color,5:16'', 2010