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Sculpture / fountain

10th March 2006 - today

  In March 2006 Sifis Kunduros suggest me to meet Erieta Vordoni in order to light and video the sculpture the installation/fountain in the conjunction of the streets Stefanou Delta, 28th October and Kifisias.

This proposal intrigue me much as it was the first time that I would design the lighting of a sculpture installation non only outdoors but also at a frequented street. The fact of a liquid elements added a huge degree of difficulty.

The whole procedure lasted 10 months and resulted not only the sculpture installation itself, but also a documentary for the fountain, which I filmed and montaged.


“I wish this work (Sky Hunters) non only to bring luck and joy to the citizens of Filothei and to the passing by, but also-even for a little while, to become all of us hunters and partakers of our personal skies”

Erieta Vordoni

  I am trying to imagine Vordoni’s work of art during time. I asked her what does she think about it. “I would like to act friendly… she answers. “Watching the passing by to stop and sit. Talk to the be sited girl. Search for an oasis in the summer. Live with it.

As I was leaving I remember two verses of Gete: “If you want to ride towards the endless, then cross it between limits towards each of its sides…”

So I leave, leaving behind me “The Sky Hunters” by Erieta Vordoni, to explore the limits, to ride wisely to the endless.

Iris Kritikou

November 2006