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Exibition 3/3

06 - 12th July 2010



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Med I Krv, seeks to promote art and creation installing an artistic network between countries in the light of artistic exchange and solidarity.
Basic keystone of Med I Krv lies in the interaction of people, in their communication but also in the communication of artistic action with the society in it takes place. The exchange of ideas, opinions and stimuli between different people and the creation of conditions that due to culture acts, in artistic and sociology level.
Katerina Athanasiou
Cristina Gousia
Alexandra Gripari
Thomas Ginis
Agelos Zavalis
Smilia Igniatovits
Bogian Giovanovits
Smilika Giovanovits
Anna Krstits
Ivan N. Masteropoulos
Adigoni Michalakopoulou
Tigiana Nikitovits
Anna Novakovits
Bogian Novakovits
Eleni Panouklia
Anna Parezanin
Miroslav Privouli
Voislav Radovanovits
Nikola Romanovits
Gael Rou
Santra Sofronits
Sniezana Torbitsa
Leodios Toubouris
Despina Flessa
Paris Chaviaras
Antonis Choudalaki

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